LIGO-India Site Survey

Tests conducted at Site

Critical aspects

Technical requirements and restriction from scientific performance

a) Seismic noise power spectral density

b) Anthropogenic noise sources -> present & future

c) Operational logistics  

  • Feasibility of  Land Acquisition : Detailed site acquisition study for shortlisted site. Identifying plots to be acquired on village maps, ownership data, land acquisition procedure, time-lines & risks
  • Engineering feasibility of LIGO-India base construction : Study by Tata Consulting Engineers Ltd.  -- for site recommended Issues and concerns to be discussed for site (Apr 13, 2016 meeting)
  • Annual rainfall and maximum intensity
  • High flood level
  • Side slope of cut in proposed elevation  
  • Feasibility of attaining proposed terrace level

Images of the Site 

Pre Monsoon



Spring Blooms

Post Monsoon

LI Site acquisition & Prep

  • Land Acquisition Status : 99% complete
  • Formally in construction phase: Tenders for Construction of Site Office ( Future Estate office)
  • Environmental Clearance of the Project received from State SEIAA
  • Geo-technical survey for soil sampling has been completed. Preliminary report received. Detailed report in preparation.
  • Seismological survey with 5 stations over 1 year: MOU with Natl. Geophys. Res. Inst. (NGRI) –Feb 2019.  NGRI has installed One Seismograph near LIO
  • Demand note for Power (5MW) &  water supply cost from district agencies.
  • Procurement of an All weather station for installation at site.
  • Survey for approach road to LIGO site initiated.
  • Advanced stage of campus land acquisitions in neighboring town and city.