Training, Research and Development (TRD)

On going TRD Projects

  • Squeezed light technology
  • Improved Mirror coating
  • Advanced Optics & Laser technology
  • Mitigation Newtonian Gravity noise
  • Wind loading noise on LIGO-India building structure

A joint IISER-IUCAA center called CGPA (Centre for Gravitational Physics and Astronomy)

The primary goals of the Centre:

  1. Create a collaborative research and teaching activity that includes researchers from both institutes,
  2. Expose talented young researchers to exciting scientific challenges in the area of Gravitational Physics and Astronomy
  3. Development of human resources for research in the relevant areas.

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                                                                                       Laboratory space ~600 SFT: 90% construction complete

Development of training tools for:

  • Michelson interferometer with fixed and suspended mirrors in atmosphere
  • Michelson interferometer with Suspended mirrors in Atmosphere
  • Replication of the above in high vacuum
  • Stabilization principles of lasers
  • Optical resonator physics
  • Stabilization of lasers and optical resonators
  • Electronic control systems-design for lasers' and resonator stabilization
  • Noise analysis
  • Vacuum technology
  • And many more adjacent areas