Design and Development

Civil Infrastructure

  • First complete and detailed version  of architectural drawings for civil infrastructure prepared.
  • Reviewed by LI-PC and their teams
  • Site leveling plan is being reviewed.
  • Equipment layout confirmed with vacuum and detector teams
  • Electrical and mechanical layout drawings.
  • Joint review soon.

Vacuum Infrastructure

  • Calculation towards vacuum requirement for prototype HAM, BSC and 40m prototype Beam tube being finalized
  • Design, modification and testing of outgassing measurement chamber
  • Procurement of vacuum components for the new outgassing chamber
  • Estimation of detailed scope and work schedule for Manufacturing of prototypes of BSC, HAM and Beam Tube
  • Initial cost estimation for the manufacturing of prototypes
  • Indent for Metallic Bellow and placement of Purchase order
  • Preparation of Samples for H2 outgassing and H2 ppm measurement
  • Setup of 3D printed model of LIGO-India project (EPO model for MEGA science exhibit)
  • Indent for Solidworks and one day training in IPR
  • Initiation of baking furnace procurement

Control Data System

Activities – Development of Test Racks at LLO  

Team members from IPR and RRCAT visited LLO-US last year to work on Control System and set up standalone CDS Test System Racks for IPR and RRCAT with hardware provided by LIGO-US. As a part of learning real-time control loops, experience is being built for basic MATLAB Simulink IOP and user model.This includes basic understanding of various LIGO Graphical User Interface tools for configuring the system and engineering analysis of acquired signal.

IPR Test Rack at LLO

RRCAT Test Rack at LLO