Technology Development and Capacity Building (TDCB)

Development of a ultra-narrow line width (sub-100 Hz) laser oscillator:

Non Planar Ring Oscillator (NPRO) with a Lorentian line-width of < 100 Hz at 1064 nm.

  • Design and fabrication of a high stability high finesse zerodur spaced reference cavity
  • Frequency locking two NPRO laser using Pound-Drever-Hall technique (PDH) to the confocal reference cavity
  • Isolate the reference cavity from environmental influences  to serve as an absolute reference cavity
  • The target is to achieve sub-100 Hz line-width over 1 sec.

Heterodyne beat setup to measure sub-100 Hz line-width of two NPRO Lasers

ESA trace of the Heterodyne beat signal of NPRO laser

Development of suspended mirror Fabry-Perot Cavity:

A suspended mirror Fabry-Perot Cavity as a test setup for the Controls Team. The suspended mirror Fabry-Perot Cavity will be designed to achieve a finesse of 400 or higher to match the final requirements for the Control system in LIGO

  • Design and fabrication of a high mechanical Q optics suspension
  • Design and development of the electro-magnetic actuation system for the suspended optics
  • Set-up will be developed with three degrees of freedom for each optic; x, y and z. with a total of six-degrees of freedom for the Fabry-Perot cavity

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