Behind the Scenes – Srashti Goyal


Behind the Scenes in the daily lives of
GW Science student researchers

Want to know more about the fun and challenges in the life of a GW Science student researcher? This week in Behind the Scenes section of the Gravity Matters blog, catch us in a rapid fire conversation with Srashti Goyal, GW scholar at ICTS-Bangalore, to find out more about her work and life in academia and beyond.

Interview by Rashmi Sheoran


Srashti Goyal is a PhD student at ICTS Bangalore. Her research focuses on lensing of gravitational waves.


Rashmi Sheoran aka Astro Roxy (Facebook @astro.roxy, Instagram @astro_roxy, Twitter @astro_roxy) is a science communicator and an educator with specialization in space sciences.