Environmental clearance given to LIGO-India

40932316_408848679519805_5244074408930181120_nLIGO-India has received the final approval from the state environment impact assessment authority this January. The observatory will be built in the Hingoli District of Maharashtra state in western India. 

Around 300 acres of land has been acquired for the project. About 70% of the land was owned by the government, which has now been formally allocated for LIGO-India. The detector is estimated to be completed within eight years. The central observatory would be made in the first phase of construction after which the two detector arms will follow.

LIGO-India spokesperson Tarun Souradeep mentioned that “The environment clearance for construction is a big step forward for the project. We are not making any announcements as yet as the ground breaking ceremony, which will soon take place, would be momentous to give out more details.”