Faculty openings at IUCAA Please circulate & encourage potential candidates to apply!

IUCAA is a premier autonomous research institution set up by the University Grants Commission to promote astronomy and astrophysics in Indian colleges and universities. This is accomplished through an active associateship program and by conducting schools and workshops across the country. IUCAA is involved in teaching post-graduate and graduate courses. IUCAA is also actively engaged in science popularisation.

Current research activities at IUCAA span a wide range including Classical and Quantum Gravity, Cosmology, Formation and Evolution of Galaxies, Active Galactic Nuclei, High Energy Astrophysics, Diffuse Matter in Space, Cosmic Magnetic Fields, Solar Physics, Astronomy at X-ray/UV/Optical/Radio wavelengths, Gravitational Wave Astronomy including Instrumentation. IUCAA is also seeking to build activities in other emerging areas including extrasolar planets.

Facilities run by IUCAA include a 2-m optical/near-IR telescope at its Girawali Observatory, a sophisticated Instrumentation Laboratory for the development of astronomical instrumentation, laboratories for gravitational wave instrumentation, a Precision & Quantum Measurement lab, a Radio Physics Laboratory for training students and a High Performance Computing centre with a current installed capacity of about 700 Teraflops with over 7 Petabytes of storage.

IUCAA is actively involved in several leading national and international science projects including the Thirty Meter Telescope, the Southern African Large Telescope, India’s space based multi-wavelength observatory AstroSat, the Aditya-L1 Solar mission, the Square Kilometre Array, LIGO-India and several others. The LIGO-India project was recently approved by the Union Cabinet of India. As one of the four lead institutes of the LIGO-India project, IUCAA has a critical role in the setting up and running of the Gravitational Wave detector in India.

Applications are invited from Indian citizens for faculty positions at IUCAA. In particular, IUCAA is keen to appoint faculty members at various levels primarily for research in instrumentation for gravitational wave detectors. Applicants should possess a PhD in Physics (or Astronomy/Astrophysics and related areas) and three or more years of post-doctoral research experience for an entry level position.

In order to apply kindly send: (a) your CV, (b) List of Publications including your 5 best papers, (c) a summary of your current research activities and future plans, (d) a brief teaching statement, (e) In a separate file, names of at least six experts familiar with your work. These may be mailed electronically to facultyapply@iucaa.in.