GW @ Home Lecture Series Learn Gravitational Wave Astronomy without stepping out of home!

LIGO-India is conducting an online lecture series on gravitational waves, details of which can be found below. No sign-up/registration is required for attending this – everyone who is interested can attend from the safety of their own home.

LIGO-India YouTube Channel:

If you have a Google account, you can subscribe to the YouTube channel to get automatic notification of events.

The viewers of the Live session can ask questions during the lectures.

The line-up of the upcoming sessions is mentioned below:
( Timings 4pm-5pm IST for all the dates )

  1. April 01: Dr. Sanjit Mitra (IUCAA)
  2. April 03: Dr. Varun Bhalerao (IIT Bombay)
  3. April 06: Dr. Suresh Doravari (IUCAA)
  4. April 08: Prof. Somak Raychaudhury (Director, IUCAA)
  5. April 10: Prof. Ajit Kembhavi (Former Director, IUCAA)
  6. April 13: Prof. Tarun Souradeep (Spokesperson, LIGO-India)
  7. April 15: Prof. Bala Iyer (Chair, IndIGO Consortium)
  8. April 17: Prof. Sanjeev Dhurandhar (A pioneer of Gravitational Wave Research in India)
  9. April 20: Dr. Ajith Parameswaran (Associate Professor, ICTS-TIFR, Bangalore)
  10. April 22: Dr. Sanjit Mitra (IUCAA)
  11. April 24: Dr. Sunil S. (IPR, Gandhinagar)
  12. April 27: Dr. Manasadevi P. Thirugnanasambandam (IUCAA)
  13. May 01: Dr. Anupreeta More (IUCAA)
  14. May 04: Dr. Anand Sengupta (IIT Gandhinagar)
  15. May 06: Dr. Archana Pai (IIT Bombay)
  16. May 08: Dr. Debarati Chatterjee (IUCAA)
  17. May 11: Dr. K. G. Arun (Professor, CMI)
  18. May 13: Dr. B. C. Joshi (NCRA, PI Indian Pulsar Timing Array)
  19. May 15: Dr. Rajesh Nayak (IISER Kolkata)
  20. May 18: Dr. Poonam Chandra (NCRA)
  21. May 20: Dr. Sendhil Raja (RRCAT, Indore)


People can attend the lectures from the safety and comfort of their home and should take all precautions and abide by all the rules and regulations applicable to eradicate COVID-19. Please make sure that you are following all the guidelines regarding COVID-19 issued by the Government of India and the World Health Organization (WHO).