Live Talk – GW170817 and the Dawn of Multimessenger Astronomy Prof. Parameswaran Ajith


On the occasion of the 4th anniversary of GW170817, the first observation of gravitational waves from a binary neutron star inspiral, catch Prof. Parameswaran Ajith as he talks LIVE about the “Dawn of Multimessenger Astronomy” !

(Opportunity to ask questions after the talk)

  • 17th August 2021
  • 18:00 IST (UTC + 5:30)

LIGO-India YouTube Channel:

About Prof. Parameswaran Ajith

Prof. Ajith P. is an astrophysicist at the International Center for Theoretical Sciences (ICTS), Bangalore and a member of the worldwide LIGO Scientific Collaboration. Along with his colleagues at the ICTS Astrophysical Relativity Group, he has directly contributed to the first discovery of gravitational waves by LIGO, nicknamed GW150914.

His research spans different aspects of gravitational-wave astronomy: modeling of gravitational-wave sources by combining analytical and numerical relativity, gravitational-wave data analysis, interpretation of gravitational-wave observations, tests of general relativity using gravitational wave observations, and astrophysics.

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