Khun Sang Phukon

Project Student at IUCAA

My primary research interest center on development of Compact Binary Detection Pipeline implemented on GPU hardware. Much computing power is required to analyse the detector data to search gravitational wave (GW) signal from compact binary coalescence (CBC) sources in a single detector. Furthermore, localization of the sources in sky requires observation with multiple detector. Compact binary coalescences composed of neutron stars or black hole have possibility of being associated with electromagnetic counterparts. To ease electromagnetic follow up, information of sky directions to the sources is required. Since the electromagnetic counterparts may fade quickly, the GW searches need to be near-real-time. A new hardware, GPU can significantly speed up the search of gravitational wave from CBC. GPUs are well suited for gravitational wave data analysis. In our work we explore achievable speed up in GPU by implementing part of conventional data analysis pipeline in GPU. We have shown that the signal-glitch chi square discriminator in CBC searches can be speeded up by order of magnitude with GPU acceleration .

I am also studying the effect of spin precession on spin orientation of binary black holes. We are examining how post-Newtotonian evolution of spinning black hole binaries affects the spin distribution for different initial distribution of spin orientation. Further goal would be a detail study of the phase space of the spinning back hole binaries.