Education and Public Outreach (EPO)

Scope and Goals

The LIGO-India project has an Education and Public Outreach ( EPO ) team to go hand in hand with the progress of the project itself.

Such an effort is needed to:

  • To create interest among science and engineering students towards gravitational wave science.   
  • Maintain continued interest of the project and create awareness about the project amongst the general public.
  • Conducting various events for the members of the local community as well as with governmental and service organizations.

Outreach near the site

  1. GW science and astronomy workshops for schools and colleges
  2. Stargazing programs for public 
  3. Forming local amateur astronomy clubs and conducting club activities.
  4. GW talks in local colleges
Hingoli Workshop 7
star gazing 3
star gazing 1
GW talks in maha 1

Reaching colleges/universities across India

  1. Conducting GW Talks  and Workshops in various colleges
  2. Active participation in national-level college tech-fests
IITB Techfest - (3)
IIST -RA visit 1
GW talks in maha 2
reaching out colleges in india 2

Conferences and Exhibtions

The LI-EPO team has an active participation in major conferences and national level exhibitions.

Science Congress - (2)
VS Delhi - Union Minister Visit
VS-Kolkata-Dr.Basu ( Former Chair - DAE ) and Dr.Ashutosh Sharma (Secretary,DST) visit to LIGO-India Booth.
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